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5 Critical Mistakes To Avoid As A Cigar Smoker

Smoking isn’t something that everyone can do, at least not the right way. While some are doing it just for the sake of doing it, there are some people who enjoy smoking. It is the equivalent for how people would spend thousands on rare liquor. Nonetheless, you need to know how it do it right. Not just due to the stylish factors but also to prevent health hazards.Here are 5 things that every smoker must avoid.

  • Not cutting the capUnlike cigarettes, the cap of the cigar must always be cut off before being used. Most people complain on how tasteless or bitter less a cigar when they just light it with the cap on is. This is such a typical way to ruin the good quality of a product. Since cutters aren’t that expensive and simply be carried in your wallet, it’s about time you buy a good one.
  • Poor storingHumidity and the temperature matters directly on the durability of these items. That is why leaving them out in the open or in a space where there is the tiniest exposure to air. Maybe this is the reason what keeps you from keeping these smoking items for a longer time. The solution for this is a humidor. Storing doesn’t get better than that.
  • Buying fake onesUnlike buying a fake branded watch, buying fake smoking products could literally kill you. In fact, if you are to enjoy it in the way they should be, you must go for quality products. If you checked in a reliable tobacconist Brisbane, you’d see that they\’re not so expensive and definitely worth it. That way, it will be able to achieve a true value to the money that you are spending. Isn’t that what we all want? 
  • Inhaling the smokeUnlike cigarettes, you do not and should not inhale the smoke of that cigars emit. Keeping the smoke inside your mouth as long as you can for the oral sensors to grasp the constituents and then just exhale from the mouth itself. This little could come in handy to avoid a big embarrassment if you are to smoke one in a crowd for the first time.
  • Using a petrol lighterThe key is to use the white or blue flame. Why? Because that is the purest form of the flame. In a yellow or orange flame, there are all these unburn carbon particles that could mix up with the cigars. This could bring out a very horrid taste, period.