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Concrete Anchor Bolts Are Critical For Any Structure

Any structure is as strong as its weakest joint. Yes, any structure is made from joining many different parts. All those parts may be made of different elements, so the builder of the structure must know, how to connect all those parts seamlessly. In case of any deficiency, the structure will collapse. This becomes very critical when we talk structure like ships, aeroplanes or building. Because of the connecting joints of these structure collapse, even 1% then can damage the complete structure.

Talking about buildings, the building is made of many different materials lie concrete, steel, cement or bricks. The basic elements that provide strength to the building structure are concrete and steel. To connect the different components of the structure like the column to the foundation, the anchor bolts are used in concrete. This connection is an assembly of multiple components like anchor bolts, steel plates and concrete. The anchor bolts can be said as the real force behind this joint. The anchor bolts have borne the load of the structure. 

There are different types of anchor bolts depending upon their utility and strength. Before installing any type of anchor bolt, the person should be very clear about their strength and load requirements. Otherwise installing the wrong type of anchor bolt, may collapse the structure. The common types of anchor bolts are;

  1. Wedge bolts: These wedge anchor bolts are the most used and are popular due to their strength and high rust resistance. They are very easy to insert and can be installed by drilling the hole to the width of the bolt.
  2. Sleeve Bolt: The sleeve anchor bolts are usually used with brick and concrete. They have an external casing that holds the bolt at the base of the surface.
  3. Strike Anchor: These types of bolts are commonly used to connect metals with concrete. The good thing about them they can be inserted with the help of hammer instead of a wrench.
  4. Double expansion: Many structures doesn’t afford vibrations. Because vibration may weaken the structure in the long run. The double anchor bolts are used to resist vibration. The flanges of these bolts expand from top and bottom, that provided stability to the surface. 
  5. Leadwood Screw: The leadwood is high use in build on construction. They are good for brick, concrete block and poured concrete. They can be used for softer surfaces. They can also be inserted with the help of a hammer and can be tightened with a screwdriver.

Before going for any types of anchor bolts, always get an expert opinion. The structural engineers or designer may help you to know which type is suitable for your structure. Never guess the usage of anchor bolt with solid calculation. Otherwise, it can lead to serious damage to the structure.